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madrigal module

Top level directory of all python modules related to Madrigal.

"""Top level directory of all python modules related to Madrigal."""



The admin module contains all administrative classes relating to the madrigal python api.

The main role of this module is to update the data in the Madrigal database. Also contains a notification class and a standard error handing class.

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cedar is the module that allows the creation and editing of Cedar files.

With Madrigal 3.0, this module was rewritten to work with the power of the hdf5 I/O library. Editing a file now never needs to load the file into memory. Instead, only the slice needing modification is read in.

Any input fi...

data is the module that interfaces to madrigal data files, or to Cedar standards about data.

This module includes the api to get information from a single madrigal file, and the api to get information about the Cedar standard (such as parameter and category definitions).

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The derivation module creates new cedar objects with possibly derived parameters

The fundamental inputs are a list of desired parameters, and an existing cedar.MadrigalCedarFile object.

Its fundamental output is a new cedar.MadrigalCedarFile object with the requested parameters

The derivation was...

madrigal.isprint is a module that creates new output files based on an input file and lists of parameters and filters.

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The metadata module provides access to all metadata about one particular madrigal database.

This metadata is presently read from the files in the metadata directory, and from the madrigal.cfg file. If that file cannot be found, hard-coded values set during installation are used instead. If the ma...


The openmadrigal module provides access to all OpenMadrigal installations via http and to OpenMadrigal Subversion.

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Directory of all modules related to madrigal user interface.

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